We help SaaS build revenue generating growth machines

Who we are

Helping out SaaS companies to scale globally is the thing that drives us.

We’re experienced SaaS founders that have already scaled our own company (DevSkiller.com) from zero to customers in 85+ countries. Now we’re helping other companies to scale faster.

We are keen to ‘roll up our sleeves’. This is not about spending time producing shiny presentations destined for a drawer, but about delivering actionable insights and implementing them.

Our core values are respect and trust, openness and dialogue, ownership and accountability.

Passion led us here

Kate Kandefer

I combine the CMO and COO set of skills. I specialize in inbound marketing, project and process management. Solution and goal orientation are what defines me.

I love to connect business goals with people, their motivation, and their needs. When solving current challenges, I’m looking two steps ahead. That lets me not only put out the fire but also build long-term solutions and improvements.

Tom Winter

I’m a natural born CRO. I love numbers and numbers love me. There is no such thing as a status quo for me. I can always find a solution that can bring better results, faster.

I combine an unusual set of technical and analytical skills with a creative growth marketing mind. I’m a self-driven person that is always hungry for more.

We love growing SaaS on English speaking market

Building organic traffic

 We’ve tested out numerous strategies of driving traffic and we know how to hack it.

Conversion optimization

It’s science not art. We focus on finding aha moments and leveraging them to bring fast results.

Optimizing sales

Sales is not luck, it’s a carefully designed process that brings predictable results. Understand your numbers and hit your quotas.

Aligning a team with goals

Unleash your team’s potential by optimising processes and helping them understand their goals.